Online Character Count - Is it Compatible for all devices and platforms?

Our online character count tool is a software that works on every device. Whether you are using a laptop, mobile, tablet, or any other device, our online word count is designed to work on any device. The word and syllable count of an article or essay can be important as the author or content writer has to write with the limitation of minimum and the maximum amount of words. Our software will surely help you in this regard. Our online word count not only counts the words but also works as an editor and helpful for you to improve your word choice and the style of writing.

To use our online word count, you just need to paste your text in the relevant box. You can see the number of characters at the end of the box. Words will increase or decrease as you type or delete the text. Our text counter is very helpful while writing articles, essays, reports, book and research work, cause most of the institutes have requirement of a maximum number of words to write for a particular work. Our character count runs in all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and internet explorer. To use our online word count you just need to copy your text in the relevant box or upload files to count words or characters that you have to write.

Text counter allows you to upload files in almost all the formats such as text, word, excel, PDF and PowerPoint documents and the result with counted words, characters or text will be displayed to you with the blink of an eye. You can use our character count from any device and from anywhere. You just need to have a device and stable internet connection. Our word count tool also facilitates you with an autosave option; word count saves the text in the browser so you can able to continue your work at a later time.