Word Counter offers estimated speaking and reading time

Estimated speaking time offered by our word counter is explicitly based on an average time it takes to speak 120 words a minute. Estimated reading time is specifically based on an average time it takes to read 200 words a minute.

While it’s a matter of your website or blog content, always bear in mind that there is no particular quota or magical number that will boost your chance of ranking on the very first page of search engine results. There is a common misreading that a valuable article should be a minimum of words, though, that is not accurate. Sometimes less can substantiate as more valued. If you make use of Twitter, then you should know that it can be quite stimulating to develop a witty tweet of specific word count pursuing the limit of characters though that is exactly what makes every single tweet more useful. Likewise, when it regards website content, one must never compose more than 500 words for what could be stated in 200 words. You can make use of our character count tool if you need to find out regarding the count of words and make some alterations accordingly. Always bear in mind that irrespective of the count of characters and words, your content should be appealing to readers.

You can quickly get some online word count tools across the internet that serves the sole objective of character count calculator, however; take our word when we declare that our word counter online is the best tool amongst all. What makes our character count tool 100% exclusive is its interactive interface and expediency of usage, and while some tools will need you to pay, we are providing you a free online tool.

Fairly speaking, it could make very difficult or even almost impossible when we talk about manually checking your word/ character count in a prolonged document. That is when it is sensible to utilize our word count tool for or text counter. Luckily, we at word-counter.org are here to support you by providing you an online word calculator that could make your life convenient by assisting you to check how many syllables, how many characters and how many words per page.