How to utilize our Letter counter tool?

Our online word count tool is extremely convenient to use. You only need to simply copy/paste the content or write content directly into the provided content box. You will notice the result displays as you type. On the other hand, you can choose a document to upload, and results will display instantly. Here comes our ‘Clear Text’ option to clear the content anytime you need. Our highly sophisticated word calculator tool will be updated quickly, displaying the number of words, characters, phrases, paragraphs, words frequency, reading time and much more. Keyword density, which is vital for any website content, is also displayed.

Even better, our letter count online tool will also deliver you an index of the keywords utilized on the web page you request for. In spite of realizing how many words are written on the web page, you'll be also familiar with the most common characters and words utilized on the web page. Our keyword density index is broken down into two sections. Our highly superlative word count tool will display an index of the most common words and characters utilized on the website page entered.

There are numerous approaches this information might be useful. Translators repeatedly wish to count words and characters on a website page as it is common for them to charge users by the number of characters and words on the page they are actually translating, and not certainly the number of characters, letters and words they compose in the translated language and they spend on it by the time. For this ultimate cause, being capable of quickly determining the word count of a web page is significant.

A reader might be inquisitive enough to know how many letters and words are on the web pages of certain bloggers or writers they follow. A writer may also want this information if they need to style their writing after another writer or blogger they have a high regard for. The information provided by our word calculator might be capable of supporting them better build a blog or website they desire.